Khulna University of Engineering & Technology has a background of historical significance. Although this institution has completed an era as university, its laying foundation began 49 years ago. This university was established in 1967 as ‘Khulna Engineering College’ under the University of Rajshahi. But during the period of liberation war the development activities of the Erstwhile Engineering College was suspended. After the Independence of Bangladesh in the year of 1971, the development works were started again in swing full. Overcoming all the constraints, the academic activities of the institute were virtually started from June 3, 1974 as per special direction of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Despite some limitations, the college was affiliated as a faculty of Engineering under Rajshahi University. The academic and the administrative activities were controlled by the university authority and the Ministry of Education, respectively. The physical infrastructures were constructed by the public works department, while teacher recruitment was accomplished through Public Service Commission. Owing to multiple authorities, the co-ordination became complicated and hence the college authority faced many problems to run it smoothly. Even the admission of new students was stopped in one session due to the scarcity of teachers. In these circumstances, through a collective effort organized by the students, teachers, officers, staff and professional bodies, the four Engineering Colleges of the country including Khulna Engineering College were converted into autonomous Institutes named as Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT) from July 1, 1986.

In a new mood with a lot of hope and enthusiasm, BIT, Khulna started its journey to overcome the existing limitations to make this institute as the ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the south western region of Bangladesh. However, the nation’s demand to develop engineering education in real sense was not fulfilled. Though BIT was converted to an autonomous Institution, the authority failed to take decisions regarding administrative, financial and academic activities due to complicated systems. Hence all BITs started a massive campaign to materialize the demand for proper autonomy as the public university enjoys. However, finally in order to fulfil the aspirations of the people and to suit to the demand of the Modern age, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh decided to convert and upgrade these four BITs into universities of Engineering & Technology. Accordingly, BIT, Khulna became Khulna University of Engineering & Technology with the other BITs as per act passed by the National Parliament effective from September 1, 2003.